Mobile Banking ... with secure overlay element.

Mobile Banking ... with secure overlay element.

1. Device Independent : Works on major mobile OS: Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian, Android and any STK supported phone; including low end phones.

2. Telco Independent : Works with all telco providers. Complies GSM 11.11, GSM 1.14 standard.

3. Access Independent : Works on most of the mobile messaging channels such as SMS, USSD, etc.

4. User Friendly : Easy to use as it is Menu Driven. It allows Menu Based operation for high and low end mobile phones.

5. Secure Transactions : End-to-end Encryption & Multi-factor Authentication.

6. No Internet Required : Need not have Smartphone. Works on Feature Phones

7. Cost Effective : Low Deployment & Operational Cost. Ready to Deploy. Leveraging on existing infrastructure.

8. Proven Solution : Robust & proven technology, with multi-country deployment.

9. Overlay Security : Unique security key & individual signature.

10. Authentication Methods : Multi-factor Authentication. Various levels of authentication methods & in various forms.

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