Mobile Banking ... with secure overlay element.

Your mobile banking solution should meet an end with quantifiable results. It should make your organisation perform faster, better and more efficiently, saving you time and money.

TootPay's Mobile Banking Solution as an integrated solution designed to do just that. TootPay Mobile Payment platform is a cost efficient, user friendly authentication solution with unparalleled security features, and works on a variety of mobile device.


TootPay mobile technology works independently from network, operator, SIM-card and subscription type. All products are developed with focus on ease-of-use, highest security, flexibility and lowest cost of ownership. It's the perfect tool for enabling mobile value added payment services.


Tootpay Mobile Banking Solution creates a secure mobile environment for banks to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market.

mPOD flow chart : Mobile Banking ... with secure overlay element.

1. Device Independent : Works on major mobile OS: Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian, Android and any STK supported phone; including low end phones.

2. Telco Independent : Works with all telco providers. Complies GSM 11.11, GSM 1.14 standard.

3. Access Independent : Works on most of the mobile messaging channels such as SMS, USSD, etc.

4. User Friendly : Easy to use as it is Menu Driven. It allows Menu Based operation for high and low end mobile phones.

5. Secure Transactions : End-to-end Encryption & Multi-factor Authentication.

6. No Internet Required : Need not have Smartphone. Works on Feature Phones

7. Cost Effective : Low Deployment & Operational Cost. Ready to Deploy. Leveraging on existing infrastructure.

8. Proven Solution : Robust & proven technology, with multi-country deployment.

9. Overlay Security : Unique security key & individual signature.

10. Authentication Methods : Multi-factor Authentication. Various levels of authentication methods & in various forms.

Supported Mobiles

  • Most platform including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Symbian and Window Mobile.

Authentication Methods

  • Unique mPOD™ ID ‐ each mPOD™  would come equipped with unique ID number.

  • Menu Access code ‐ protects mPOD™  against unauthorized menu access.

  • Activation Code ‐ used for first time activation.

  • Transaction PIN ‐ used to authenticate a transaction.

  • Unique Random Number ‐ use for session authentication.

  • One Time Password (OTP) ‐ a dynamic  authentication code for transaction authentication.

User Friendly

  • Menu driven.M

  • Work on any Telcos.

  • No application to download.

  • Does not require Internet access.

  • Compatible with any GSM handset.

  • Scalable to WAP, 3G, USSD, NFC.


  • Handset independent.

  • Operator independent.

  • SIM‐card independent.

  • Network independent


  • Supports Symmetric Key Management Techniques.S

  • Triple Data Encryption Standard.

  • mPOD™  built‐in tamper‐resistance.

  • mPOD™ built in with unique secret key.

  • Fully complied with ISO7816 standard.

  • 2 Factor Authentication.

  • TootPay DNA algorithm provides a private digital signature unique to each  individual.

Reduce Bank’s Cost to Serve

  • Compliments existing ATM and Internet Banking investments.Compliment

  • Low cost delivery channel without large CAPEX investment.

  • Reduce OPEX cost by reducing cash and cheque handling