OTP Token For Online Banking
Secure Element Mobile Token

Security of hardware token + convenience of app (software) token

Device Independent

Work on variety of mobile device including low end phones. Works on all the major mobile OS : Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, Bada, etc.

Access Independent

Versatility in utilising various mobile channels for delivery.
Work on most of the mobile messaging channels.

Cost Effective

Low deployment & operation cost.
Uses bank's existing infrastructure. 

Secure Transactions

Secured End to End SMS Encryption.
Multi-factor Authentication.

Telco Independent

Service independent of Telco's
Comply to GSM 11.11, 11.14 standard.

No Internet Required

No need to download any application.
Works on feature/basic phone too.

User Friendly

Plug & Play - No installation.
Easy to use - Menu Driven.

Proven Solution

Robust & proven technology with multi-country deployment.

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